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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor
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That ending ripped me apart & i haven't got the next book in the series!

*Goes to order rest of the series NOW*

This is not really a review more of a collection of figments in my mind, that i just have to write down because i'm so overwhelmed by this fantastic book!

Laini Taylor created this fantastic world with Seraphim, Chimaera, who are at war with each other!

In the middle 2 people that love each other!

The whole book i was thinking ''What are you Karou''?, when i finally learned the truth at the end, the whole truth i was a bit shocked!

I really liked the characters.
Each of them contributed to this story in their own way.

Karou & Akiva immediately had this special connection!
Akiva is swoon worthy! I loved him and Karou!

Brimstone,Yasri, Issa & Twiga are like her family in Karou's special world where she goes on errands to find teeth for Brimsone.

Zuzana is her human friend and i liked to think, that she's Karou's lifeline to the human world.
They talk about human things & between Karou's mysterieus errands they eat ghoulash at a place called Poison.
Zuzana & her boyfriend Mik are really sweet together, he's a violin player!

Enough rambling! ;)

I can't wait to get the other 2 books in this series and find out what wil happen next!

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